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We are on our way home from camping at Turkey Run again!
happy giving of thanks! i made dinnerrr which didn’t turn out like planned lol but i’m pretty proud of it!
https://cloud-nwion84rw.vercel.app/0image_from_ios.jpg https://cloud-nwion84rw.vercel.app/1image_from_ios.jpg
Went on a foggy night drive through Shelburne and Burlington
Long time no see Scrapbook! I created a virtual gratitude wall last night. My club collected over 500 responses, so I coded a word cloud and designed a website to display info. Happy Thanksgiving! :aom:
Rewrote an old Readme today; went a bit overboard (GIFs AND Photos?!) but pretty happy with how it turned out. Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃
idrk why i colored it out butttt im planning thanksgiving dinner! we don't usually celebrate apart from dinners with friends but this year, i decided i'm going to go all out and cook a big dinner for my family!
I really want to rebuild my website and finish a bunch of other projects but I haven't been able to work on stuff I actually want to do because of school. I literally cannot wait for thanksgiving but I know my teachers are probably gonna assign hw over the break... In the absence of anything interesting, enjoy this screenshot of my to-do list looking much lighter than usual.