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attended a singapore uni admission guide talk thing, was fun
Today I ran what I called the "The Great Race Across Singapore" with my Student Council friends as a team building activity! How it worked that there were teams placed in secret locations and they had to go through a series of challenges to reach the "final location" on the other side of the island which was the Merlion in Marina Bay but they didn't know that. Here's how it worked: Each team had 4 council members and one council leader. The council members were each given a store number that they had to go to in he Yishun Mall. Then the council leaders were all separated from their team together at Yishun Station. To come together they need to communicate through their location with only emoji. Then once they have met, they receive a cryptic message: My name is TRY***PA, call me maybe? . When they type this word into their phone, it will call me. I then read out the following message: 1°21'53.2"N 103°50'27.8"E, but bigger. If you head to 1°21'53.2"N 103°50'27.8"E, you will yourself in a random carpark in Ang Mo Kio (Singaporean outskirt-ish suburb, very residential). But what is special about this random carpark, is that it is the site of a small Merlion statue pictured below (where you wouldn't really expect one, they're rare). And remember we wanted "bigger". So they now have to travel down to the main Merlion statue in Marina Bay racing against each other. On the way they had some fun tasks as well such as taking selfies, learning more about each other! First one there wins the race!!!! It went pretty well on the delay and despite some early hiccups the Academics Department team put their minds to it and won the race! How the completely skipped going into AMK by just use Google Street View 🤣 Diego got a big brain!! Here's a photo of the winning team and that infamous mini merlion as well some screenshots from Sherlock Holmes my alt account on Slack plus a make do TikTok that me and Anjali (VP) made coz neither of us have TikTok lol really nice to have some fun!
Today was one of those days where a lot happened but nothing huge... I guess this is the highlight: the Student Council is collecting chocolates and sweets this week and packaging them up to send to Social Service workers here in Singapore who have been working tirelessly throughout COVID-19, great to see the school coming together to help out :D here's our progress one day in to the collection, looking good!
took the mrt down to marina bay and had a walk around with my family tonight!
more food because food is good!! we went to a local bakery and got waffles for brekkie as a treat coz summer vaction is coming to an end.... last day tomorrow :( making a random game app thing with a raspberry pi to promote my club, will hopefully share a demo tomorrow!! also it was an interesting national day..... a weird one.... a sad one... best represented by this national workout video i keep on getting as an ad on youtube and this very slow sombre yet fitting national day theme song
my mum, brother and I went Palau Ubin today 🏝️ we cycled around it, had lunch, had an ice lolly, did more cycling, had another ice lolly and got on a boat.... ya and my mum made us take lots of selfies lol good time :)
Ignore just testing
I laid down on this tree net thing for half an hour.... you know the greatest showman soundtrack is verrryyy good 🎶 also our CodeLabs project is finished 🎉 , and grants are going, well tonight I'm playing around with a coding project that I want to ship tomorrow 🚢 this tree is quite cool, its like a net half way up the big tree as part of the SPH Walk of Giants.. also some more photos of the gardens
:party-dinosaur: This has certainly been a day to remember! Today my brother (Tom) and I headed down to Marina Bay / SportsHub Area to have some fun! We decided to do some kayaking 🛶 and now we're taking a two day course to get try our kayaking certification 📃 We kayaked around Marina Bay, it was really nice to kayak around Marina Bay Sands, the Gardens by the Bay and all the famous landmarks you'd associate with Singapore :singaporeparrot: We then went to Popeyes, to grab some lunch which was yummy as always 😋 They had these really nice little ice cream cubes that we shared! Then we headed for a walk from the Stadium, heading up along the boardwalk and condos then to Marina Barrage and ending in Gardens by the Bay. (so basically walking around the reservoir we had gone kayaking on). The first photo is of the water sports centre and the reservoir. The second is your famous Marina Bay group of buildings: Marina Bay Sans (the complex with 3 buildings and a boat on top), Gardens by the Bay (a new garden built next to the CBD), the Arts Science Museum (the white flower shaped building) and the Singapore Flyer 🎡. The third are the super trees at Gardens by the Bay, these are super cool fake trees. They are vertical gardens that house exotic plants, they collect rainwater for the garden, have solar panels to power their light displays and are engineering genius in my view 🌴 Then the fourth photo is of the CBD, with the gardens in the foreground. 🏢 The fifth is the National Stadium, which is the largest dome in the world, has a retractable roof and because Singapore is in the tropics a environmentally friendly bowl style cooling system that feels like air conditioning (trust me it's cool in their) but uses 15% of the energy. The sixth image is of the gardens again 🌻 I hope you enjoyed my tour of Marina Bay, good night you all I'm tired 😴
Today I worked with the Singapore STEM Club team on getting everything going again after a COVID hiatus also completely redesigned the site which I’m super proud of (will share when its all finished). We talked about what we wanted to do with the time, where we see the org going and pieced together what Phase 3 will look like for events. Also headed down to the library.
Pretty chill day, didn't do too much! Did some coding, hardware grants ofc and ate the cookies my brother made! Here are some photos from my walk tonight: