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Guys! I finally redesigned my portfolio website, and I actually like it this time. Check it out on, and I would love to hear some feedbacks!
Did sum stargazing and took a few really average photos.
Redid my website today. Not fully done but happy with what I accomplished today!!
hey friends! thoughts on this design?
this isn't very important but this is my biggest achievement on this slack
Nice, I finished my AOC runner (not public yet)
this has been floating around the slack last night but let me introduce you to <|>! it's a fun website that introduces you to a random Hack Clubber from the Scrapbook API. I made it a while back with Next.js :)
Today I ran what I called the "The Great Race Across Singapore" with my Student Council friends as a team building activity! How it worked that there were teams placed in secret locations and they had to go through a series of challenges to reach the "final location" on the other side of the island which was the Merlion in Marina Bay but they didn't know that. Here's how it worked: Each team had 4 council members and one council leader. The council members were each given a store number that they had to go to in he Yishun Mall. Then the council leaders were all separated from their team together at Yishun Station. To come together they need to communicate through their location with only emoji. Then once they have met, they receive a cryptic message: My name is TRY***PA, call me maybe? . When they type this word into their phone, it will call me. I then read out the following message: 1°21'53.2"N 103°50'27.8"E, but bigger. If you head to 1°21'53.2"N 103°50'27.8"E, you will yourself in a random carpark in Ang Mo Kio (Singaporean outskirt-ish suburb, very residential). But what is special about this random carpark, is that it is the site of a small Merlion statue pictured below (where you wouldn't really expect one, they're rare). And remember we wanted "bigger". So they now have to travel down to the main Merlion statue in Marina Bay racing against each other. On the way they had some fun tasks as well such as taking selfies, learning more about each other! First one there wins the race!!!! It went pretty well on the delay and despite some early hiccups the Academics Department team put their minds to it and won the race! How the completely skipped going into AMK by just use Google Street View 🤣 Diego got a big brain!! Here's a photo of the winning team and that infamous mini merlion as well some screenshots from Sherlock Holmes my alt account on Slack plus a make do TikTok that me and Anjali (VP) made coz neither of us have TikTok lol really nice to have some fun!
I ran an event today
i have to fix some dumbass stuff chrome is telling me to do but otherwise 👌
them: Grade 10 will be extremely tough, you must maximise all your time us: let's play JustDance and Karaoke for our last two periods :dabbing:
It's Arts Week next week at school and it'll be a lot different to normal :( This week's theme, however, is collaboration. So I wanted to create a platform that let students share their artwork and take inspiration from other's artworks! Meet the Collaboration Hub:! It's going to be used next week for people to share their art, and for people to take a look at their art! People can "remix" art which is when they build on top of another person's art work or take inspiration from some art :)) built with next.js and geist-ui again lol... this was my first site using props (i actually built the above one after this but the Arts teachers took a while ahahahaha). also heavily inspired by scrapbook
this was from yesterday but i still wanted to share 🥺🥺 also this is my last non school night :( school starts on wed
changed an old website i made into one about beowulf for my summer reading project. the only problem is i haven't actually started reading the book lmao
Setting up my new home office - and taking good care of the Hack Club white board!
Buddy Holly sketches
tried out memory league today!
Looks like everybody is doing it so... here it is... looks weird 👀 but hey it's very much like what I did in my graduation :fb-laugh:
From trying out the servo motor I got for SOM :)
wanted to flex my pretty default screen today:) it updates daily lol
The past 3 days, I’ve been in New Haven, CT to move out of New Haven HQ & move @matthew & somewhat @msw out of their apartment. I am the most exhausted I’ve been at least all of 2020 after moving, packing, cleaning, transporting, loading etc thousands of pounds of stuff. We shipped maybe 25 boxes all 25-60 pounds at FedEx ($1220) & spectacularly loaded Matthew’s car. Massive shoutout to Matthew & Max for all pouring it on, we are all sweaty & exhausted but now driving to my house. (& don’t worry, Matthew was wearing a mask all the time except when I took a picture)
watched some Avatar with my sister
Went hiking in and around Bend, Oregon today! Staying there for a few days :D (long-exposure photos taken with Spectre)
Worked on infrastructure today, my most visible ship was a refreshed website footer. Made fish tacos with the team.
Kombucha, summer, sunset.
Playing around with this 3D character making's them, but three dimensional.
Made this
Sneek peek of my upcoming game!
I killed my first spider today, even though I'm deathly scared of them. Kinda proud of myself, regardless that the spider was about the size of a blunt pencil lead. I don't have a pic, so here's a cat picture off the internet.
I made another @rishi emoji! :ricey2: The lineup: 🍚 :ricey: 🎑 🍙 🍘 🌾 :ricey2:
Produced an AMA today with the Hack Club team and super host @rishi
in a zoom AMA with Dylan Field and the hack club crew!
New big sur icons for MacOS 16
Incredible storm on the lake today ⛈️
Zach liked my tweet!
Saw a dinosaur today
Since I can light up my 2 nixies I can't turn them off as I spend too much time admiring their beauty. But the code doesn't handle 2 nixies so I added something so every 10 seconds it switch between displaying minutes and hour. Why only 2? because it's the size of the prototype and wiring 22 wires is already hard enough. Will soon start on designing the PCB and hopefully get it very soon to start soldering everything and bring it to life! Note: the entire clock is powered only from USB-C and that's cool af honestly, and soon I'll see my grandfather who worked with nixie tubes in the 70' so I can't wait to show him! :)
zoom meeting for a ctf coming up 👀
did some reading on data processing n all that
Spoke at a board of education meeting regarding SRO’s in schools and our 2020-2021 budget
Learning how to create a basic kernel in Rust for fun
Linux Linux Linux
Coded w @dinaelhanan and some #orpheus-legion members; added shadows and padding to my website; practiced CSS
My package with the most stuff i need for the hardware party is arrived. Thx @sampoder. And yes i will share it in the scrapbook lol