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Today/yesterday I release my first installable python app: nought. It organizes all of your files in custom ways that you define. For example, sort all your screenshots into folders by month. It includes powerful options and is super customizable. If you have any questions/find any bugs. Please submit an issue or PR!
as couch camp drew to a close, and our scoring manager fell to sleep way too early.... we found ourselves with scores scattered across 22 separate JSON files.... oh dear making the closing slides would be a pain but i did not want for the not so techy people to go through any pain... so i stayed up very late last night and built that went through and linked together all the JSON files to output the critical results needed. it ended up saving hours for my friends today and i'm very happy about that. i'm quite proud of the hacky js stuff i wrote whilst half-ish asleep lol and then today i built on top of that system to make certificate websites for each scholar... it involved even more linking of JSON files, using square numbers to make it challenging for scholars to find others urls and a whole load of JS to make the award names. all together it looks like, people have to screenshot to save it which i guess is alright its all a big hack, here's the source code for: im so proud of this massive hack i continue to fall in love with Next.js
missed out on getting a fancy domain for your scrapbook? wish you had more custom domains? well your in luck today! i have create a quick and easy tool that creates a vercel project which acts as a proxy for your scrapbook profile allowing you to set a custom domain. so how to do it? 1. head to follow the steps provided. 2. once you’ve deployed the project you will see a screen saying Congratulations!, wait a couple of seconds and you’ll be redirected to the domains page. 3. Add the domain you’d like using Vercel’s built in instructions 4. Hoorah! You’ve done it! the setup for this wild midnight project is at: go crazy with your domains!
I’m (almost too) excited to ship Frame 🖼️, our SOM project we’ve completed. 🦑 What is it? Previously named Smart Album Cover Display, Frame, which sits on your wall, displays the music you’re listening to. It either uses the Spotify API or detects the music you’re listening to with microphones. 🐳 It’s been a good summer! With all the support from Hack Club we were able to complete this, and I am currently working on a Flutter App to configure settings (currently it’s a react site). 🐝 What’s the purpose? We see it as art. I truly spend hours each day just looking at it (the beauty is not apparent in the photos). Music truly is a beautiful thing. 🍀 Want to make your own? We’re working on a hardware guide. The code is, of course, open source. Contact us with questions. We couldn’t have done this without Hack Club 🎉 💓 p.s. here is Blonde by Frank Ocean, KIDS SEE GHOSTS by KIDS SEE GHOSTS, Yellow Submarine by The Beatles and Nothing Was The Same by Drake. We’ve also implemented a clock when paused (with custom colors 🎨) and auto-brightness with a light sensor.
Built something that I'm really proud of, part of me learning Next.js and being insanely bored in class (common topic in parent teachers, Sam looks very bored and needs to stop "multitasking"). Introducing! Displays the date from the Economist Intelligence Unit's democracy index in a nicer more human way, i hope you enjoy :D each country has their own page as well, plus there are categories It's on GitHub at: :D