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sars-cov-2 spike glycoprotien in pymol!
Something you never want to use during COVID
Line for elderly people to get COVID vaccines .25 miles plus
Fun food frenzy at school today. EDIT: ok 200+ notifications that's scary
this was once the busiest border crossing in the world, thanks covid
If you were wondering where to go get it
Hmm mandatory covid testing :thonk: Failure to complete this test or quarantine may result in student conduct action.
yay free COVID test :yay: me school is awesome!!! :beaver:
I went to a scholarship meeting today, but I don't think pictures were allowed. Here's a screenshot of an email that makes me hope I still have antiπŸ…±οΈodies
Didn't close the window at the office and this is what happened πŸ˜‘ ... 2020 be like covid trying to suffocate you, wildfire trying to suffocate you... man chances of dying this year is rather high :sadparrot:... eyes hurt, nose hurts, throat hurts, lungs hurt, head hurts... :angrycry:
Today was one of those days where a lot happened but nothing huge... I guess this is the highlight: the Student Council is collecting chocolates and sweets this week and packaging them up to send to Social Service workers here in Singapore who have been working tirelessly throughout COVID-19, great to see the school coming together to help out :D here's our progress one day in to the collection, looking good!
Last day of summer vacation for me! :summer-of-making: :wom: Here's my streak so far, I hope to keep it going. It's been pretty fun, I got a lot done, and I went climbing more than I thought due to covid.
I got to check out a print farm in town! It has been printing nose swabs for COVID testing.
Had our weekly student council meeting! Discussing how we can run socially distant events that engage the students, planning on trying to buy one of those big inflatable screens and doing a few movies under the stars with popcorn 🍿 Also planned out 10 or so more things for the semester! Everything from an open mic to escape rooms to a virtual MUN conference... going to be a busy for the council! So proud of the team :) (here's a pre-covid photo of us fundraising money)
Almost finished moving out of our New Haven office with @msw and @lachlanjc. Hoping to be completely moved out by tomorrow. This office has been sitting idle since mid-March, when COVID hit and all of us dashed out to various places. A lot of my stuff was still here because I went on a big trip to Denver in early March and never came back to New Haven. I'm glad we're finally moving out of here, though it is kinda sad to see the place the clubs team called home for a year go away.
Started building a new website using Next for the first time! I also planned out my CodeDay tech talk, and that's about it yep... i really don't know what sort of photo to share so here's a photo of a waterpark in Johor Bahru that my family visited pre-COVID, super fun :)
yeet speedy me caught up with all the hardware grants and DMs (though just through my last meeting that's ticked back up to 12 dms so gotta check them all), also had a couple of meetings tonight starting off with a OnePwaa org get together where we planned out our post-COVID camp situation and then a chat with @msw and @roshan about "sending money around the world". Finished off the night chatting with @itsmingjie, @saharsh and Tyler about CodeLabs but it turned into people bullying Airtable so... idk what photo to share so here's the pizza I heated up today πŸ•
Today I worked with the Singapore STEM Club team on getting everything going again after a COVID hiatus also completely redesigned the site which I’m super proud of (will share when its all finished). We talked about what we wanted to do with the time, where we see the org going and pieced together what Phase 3 will look like for events. Also headed down to the library.
did stuff today - helped host workshop for my club, finished up physics homework, fixed a small animation bug on my website, and created this Google Sheets for my class! (for ordering canteen food bc covid and stuff and long queues are nono)
baby’s first incendiary(ish) twitter thread πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‡