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Today's weather✨ was pretty nice for playing soccer ⚽
Received one more shipment today! Attended sessions all day , so did nothing much! Watched some amazing football match highlights, so here are some snapshots for all of you. Hope to receive the next shipment soon!
anddd it's over.... tomorrow summer ends and it's back to school 🎒 went for a long bike ride around the neighbourhood and up Bukit Timah road.. it was boiling but still a nice time 😁 also played footy 🏈 (aussie football) and reflected a lot on the past few months, from school closing to the first Circuit Breaker in April then the second CB then that weird two weeks of half physical / half virtual school and then this long long holiday... it's been a rollercoaster 🎢 and now there's an uncertain future ahead... we'll be physically going to school each day but times change... got a student council to run, but what will we be allowed to do? also going to be getting the hack club up and going! oh and IGCSES ahh thank you hack club for all the wonderful memories this summer :partyparrot: i'll be around (but not as much hahha)! here are some hearts from outside the CC that were put up for the bicentennial:
Did little bit of graphic designing for my new website, CBSE Board lauched class 10th results, so the whole day went in that! Missing those football tournaments! May this pandemic ends soon! Wanna play with my friends again, in that green ground, shiny sun😍!