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with @edwardphirijr698 today we introduced Arduino programming and electronics to the grade 8 students at Munali boys secondary school ๐Ÿ™‚
I can't believe my finals exam are coming soonยฟ Anyway I did not do any coding today just school stuff, here one of my fav memes today
Hey I am back:party-dinosaur:. it been long time since i post anything here, school is keeping me busy, but today i wanted to share something my friend told me to make, a tic tac toe game in delphi, I am using delphi. it frustrating :tw_tired_face:i am like copying the game from c++ and try to make it in this language.
I did some writing today! I've got a break from school so a lot of work to do. (~I definitely didn't forget about this week's workshop)~ A nice lizard also came to visit me. I also started running again!
We just kicked off our first announcement in our club discord for P2P Hack Club, the hack club that I run at my high school, this year! We announced a new colead, introduced hacktoberfest, the return of gaming events that we run, and an archive of our websites at 2019.p2phack.club and 2020.p2phack.club! Something really cool we've been working on is that we want to work with our club members this October to help build our club site! We also had a meeting yesterday with coleads about new plans for this year and I am actually so hyped. This year's club is going to be waaaaaay better than last year, I just know it ๐Ÿ˜„
Iโ€™ve been a little absent lately, but Iโ€™ve been working on some markdown stuff for my school and personal life.
Weeee a bit late but I wanted to ship our club board! We prepared a bunch for club day at our school (and made use of the dark arts of stickers), and managed to get ~110 emails to spam!!! I might do a write up about things that helped, but it was super funny because the interactive website demo part (we built a synth that anyone could join in with on their phones) ended up being less helpful than just jumping up and down and yelling, and bribing moles in a bunch of groups to talk about how hackclub is cool (with stickers ofc). We also managed to get almost 30 people for our first meeting (a lot of people emailed they couldn't make it lol), with a bunch of people coming back from last year, so it was super cool to know that people liked it!
Duckcoin: change how blocks are stored Advertised HC at my school today
Today I basically finished the Dogecoin CoC, did a massive refactor of Duckcoin to aid readability (2a766cd3), made the difficulty controls on Duckcoin as fine grained as possible (769bea24) and did school and very little homework (fun, physics one). Also vibed to Crazy Frog with my sister.
Oh my god, school is taking up so much of my time. Did lots of math and physics homework and thatโ€™s about it, a tiny bit of Duckcoin refactoring and research into on-dish hashmaps for storing the blockchain. Also look at this freaking perfect photo of Robert from zephyr
Been working on an app using :vue: + Ionic for the past few days for a school hackaton
Again, did school, my English teacher again started talking about relationships, this time recounting a story involving a rejected freshman girl. V sad. Speaking of that, my physics teacher said something which he said applies to both graph tangents and dating: โ€œonly kiss, donโ€™t punctureโ€, the meaning of which I do not grasp :flug:. Also he has really nice hair and I want to copy his hairstyle. He also hates jellyfish so people prank him by hanging photos of jellyfish in his classroom and wow his classroom is nerd heaven itโ€™s so beautiful, so many old books and whatnot complete works of Galileo and everything. I did no programming today, I built a nightstand and watched a movie, rescheduled my Orpheus show recording.
chem is chem, school is school, math is math, rishi is rishi
Today I did school, made a new friend who I convinced to join HC, did some physics homework, wasted time on random stuff on the internet, and added Airtable to my discord bot for the doge foundation! Also saw some bunny just wandering around when I was out jogging. See the Airtable data here: airtable.com/shrLXtdF7tEBLFfRA. See source here: github.com/dogecoinfoundation/discord-bot. I have a demo screenshot too!
I did a heck of a lot of work on a discord bot that I'm making for the dogecoin people, I made pizza and one calzone because I got my new pizza stone, I went to school which was half as long as usual, made friends, reviewed some PRs, and heard my english teacher tell all the girls to stay away from guys :eggsdee:. That was really funny. We did some satire and stuff and I sadly did not have the funny-physics-teacher class today. Also, we're doing another Crypto Callโ„ข๏ธ on Sunday at 8 am where we'll walk through the #duckcoin source (rsvp there). Also emailed the HC leader at my school and I might become a co-lead? He seems to be into getting people interested in HC, so that should be fun! Also noticed that my neighbor has a bunnyyyyyy cute
Now I think this is my 2nd or 3rd time saying I am back, but in all honestly I have been active everyday on slack reading and reacting just not posting. Welp hi! I have been busy with school, sports, and different projects. I am still working on the esports site I have been working on-here is a small little preview on some stuff I have been working on!
Homework, school and discord bottery
For some reason I actually want to go to school. Anyways, merged some Duckcoin PRs, hats off to @ArcadeWise! Apparently I have a maple tree in front of my house :eggsdee: Canada moment. Also hosted the crypto call today. I can now say I am officially rich because Christina tipped me 5 dollars worth of doge: 17 doge :dogecoin: Also, huge thanks to @msw for helping me with a certain problem in my plans to decentralize duckcoin and still let it be easily mine-able. I think I have it all mostly figured out. Duckcoin had zero monetary value right now and if youโ€™re mining it youโ€™re wasting your computerโ€™s processing power but Belle said โ€œnot with that attitudeโ€ so I guess: Duckcoin to the ๐ŸŒ™ ๐Ÿš€ :eggsdee:
today was aloha day (aka club rush) at our school, we got about twenty plus students who signed up today. We made the mistake of saying, "yea you can take as many stickers as you want" we ran out, and those stickers spread like covid, cuz they where everywhere. We didn't take pictures due to time. But here's our video and flyer :roo-yay:. and yes the video is super short cuz the school only allowed videos 10 - 20 secs long lol.
not sure when this happened but i hit the 1k contributions on my github! would be nice if it was a bit more consistent and less patchy but we'll see how things go with school
Today was my first day of school! Went great, made some friends, talked with a lot of people, GOT HOMEWORK YIKES COME ON ITS THE FIRST DAY Also got introduced to another hush hush thing
so hi, havent logged in a while because I was busy with school and some very important school exams that counted towards high school admission, passed everything and kinda took a break from everything this summer. Didn't work on any projects this summer, however I did get a new pc(I7 10700kf, gtx 1650, 16gb ddr 3 2933mhz and some m.2 500gb from samsung, very pleased with how it turned out), a new phone since i was able to get it for half the price and my old one was kinda dying on me(it's a s20fe and I love it). Need to catch up on everything that is happening since I missed quite a few things from what I can see (the random photo of the moon was made using my phone)
Nice day today, almost done thinking about the plan for Duckcoin, refactored some of it, SAW A REAL ACORN, plucked some berries and a green apple and this blue colored berry that contains a really good blood substitute. I also visited my school etc etc
3 different unfinished personal site design revisions and i'm not super excited about any of them yet. they aren't bad per se but i just don't really... vibe with them yet? idk, ive been at this for months at this point. i'm gonna try doing some more stuff with hand drawn elements cause i found a font i made in primary school that im kinda liking the vibe of rn despite its ugliness and inconsistency (see error page on first pic)
Incredibly happy that Iโ€™ve just reached 160km in my run for hope! Basically, I spent the past month running for the 160 graves found at a residential school. While there were serveral other cases, I had to take into consideration my physical boundaries with the challenge. This past month has been incredibly challenging, but exhilarating! Website & Video coming soon, but I canโ€™t wait to see what else I come up with ๐Ÿ’– check out ig.heyrajan.com ๐ŸŽฉ
Today we moved in my parentsโ€™ bed, I finally checked my post and found I had already gotten stickers from Hugo days back, me and my sister played in the park with ziplines and I went for a tour of my new school. Attaching garbage for scrappy to eat (slack is buggy and wonโ€™t send the actual images of the stickers and the school)
Today I tried the sauces I bought yesterday (Stubbโ€™s BBQ, Frankโ€™s Red Hot and Cholula, made such a nice sandwich with em), biked a lot, tried a zipline, set up a printer, met @pranavnt, wrote an email to a school counselor. I read up on multisig addresses in crypto, need to learn how json rpc works and need to learn how to actually use a CLI library and not make my own shitty argument parser cause serious project. You may have noticed Iโ€™m suddenly into a lot of crypto stuff ๐Ÿ‘€ :doge:
ahh, why does school have to start tmrwww? Still have sm to catch up and I feel like summer hasn't rly started? ๐Ÿ˜ถ
Got the Tdap vaccine (schools here need me to have it), went to my school again but it was closed, went to the bank with my parents (who opened an account) where we asked the guy if I could have my own bank account but he said he needs special permission from his manager cause im a minor, and in the morning I became part of something exciting :shut: ๐Ÿ‘€. Posting a random screenshot cause scrappy is a complain bot. As one of the Zachs says, there are no surprises in Hack Club.
Today me and my sister walked to her school, we drove to mine and I shipped three things
Made some updates to hackclub.com for the new school year! Still some more to go :D
i'm still going to rewrite my personal website but in the meantime i made some much-needed changes to my current one. i hadn't updated it since early 2020 so previously it said i'm an 18-year-old high school senior and that "this semester" i was working for hack club in new haven and driving across the country to visit hack clubs in person
I spent my whole day working on a school project, hoping to get the highest grade in the class ๐Ÿ˜›
https://cloud-f81hwzki4-hack-club-bot.vercel.app/0screen_shot_2021-08-04_at_11.46.44_pm.png https://cloud-f81hwzki4-hack-club-bot.vercel.app/1screen_shot_2021-08-04_at_11.47.28_pm.png
AHHHHHHH ya boi is done summer school - this culminating assignment took forever and i definitely tryharded it but it was worth it in the end ๐Ÿ™‚
https://cloud-izfeps4n5-hack-club-bot.vercel.app/0image.png https://cloud-izfeps4n5-hack-club-bot.vercel.app/1image.png
I never imagined that writing a book would be easy, but everyday I learn how much harder it gets. ๐Ÿ˜… Not only do I have to write it, but I also have to create bell schedules for school, schedules for each character, but on top of that, I found myself working on blueprints for the school today to ensure that everything I write lines up with how an actual school would be. On top of all of that I also have to finish my cover. But, it's a really great learning experience :quad_parrot: I also realized that I incorrectly estimated my publishing time for the end of July. I don't know when I'll ever be able to publish at this rate ๐Ÿ˜ฉ
https://cloud-lswpkdpw6-hack-club-bot.vercel.app/0image.png https://cloud-lswpkdpw6-hack-club-bot.vercel.app/1image.png https://cloud-lswpkdpw6-hack-club-bot.vercel.app/2image.png
finally updated on my school's science olympiad page!
https://cloud-az1lh3s6l-hack-club-bot.vercel.app/0image.png https://cloud-az1lh3s6l-hack-club-bot.vercel.app/1image.png
got to take the rice home from school! now i just need an Ethernet cable...
First day of summer school.