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as couch camp drew to a close, and our scoring manager fell to sleep way too early.... we found ourselves with scores scattered across 22 separate JSON files.... oh dear making the closing slides would be a pain but i did not want for the not so techy people to go through any pain... so i stayed up very late last night and built certs.couch.camp/results that went through and linked together all the JSON files to output the critical results needed. it ended up saving hours for my friends today and i'm very happy about that. i'm quite proud of the hacky js stuff i wrote whilst half-ish asleep lol and then today i built on top of that system to make certificate websites for each scholar... it involved even more linking of JSON files, using square numbers to make it challenging for scholars to find others urls and a whole load of JS to make the award names. all together it looks like certs.couch.camp/71407A, people have to screenshot to save it which i guess is alright its all a big hack, here's the source code for: github.com/sampoder/couch-camp-certs im so proud of this massive hack i continue to fall in love with Next.js
All ready for tomorrow, gotta sleep
It's been a long day. Finally submitted the last assignment of the day within deadline. Will sleep straight for next 10 hrs.
i dont rlly have a pic to share so here's a 2020 meme i found. but today was the first day back to dance and one class i teach is at 8 am so that was not v fun to wake up for but other than more dance, i did hw, fted friends, and am v sleep deprived so im going to bed countdown to first hack club @eps meeting: t-2 days !!!!!!!!!!!!
want to resume boxing after the dumbass quarantine is over ๐Ÿ˜”. i did some stuff today but here is a picture of me right now, 3 am and sleep deprived.
I'm gonna try to get @scrappy to react with as many emojis as possible, for no particular reason. When we arrived in space, there were shouts of "yay!" and "hooray!" I wanted to sleep, but the sunset was much too captivating. As I struggled to paint a representation of the masterpiece, my art was cut short by a reminder of our predicament. Our ship's Linux core had been damaged by a rain storm. Upon further inspection, is appeared as though the Rust installation on our ship's robot had been corrupted. We debated which language to replace it with; "Golang!" Matt said. "Swift!" Linus shouted. "Deno!" "JavaScript!" We decided on rewriting the robot's code using minecraft redstone (that way we didn't have to use npm). 15 years later, once we finished, we pushed to the GitHub repository. But wait! The robot's hardware was also severely crippled. We had to 3d print some parts, after getting the models from Google.
Filled out leap form, surfed some waves ๐ŸŒŠ , talked a lot w @anthonykung for a personal project, watched the bucks lose to the heats ๐Ÿ˜ข , had much less time since school goes till like 3:40 pm for me and i donโ€™t wanna sleep 2 late cuz school starts 7:55, going to test and create new code, learning tons of cool stuff whether thats from hack club peers or on google lmao. (I may have also texted in class but I asked @matthew and he told me that it actually makes me a better student so :flushed_russian: ) hehe
did some more arduino stuff and i need to sleep (yay streaks!) (also never short 3v with 5v on your boards kids :sadparrot:)
deploying things right before signing off for the day is probs a bad idea, but when im offline my pfp now goes to sleep too :))
Attempted to create an executable for the Raspberry Pi, before realizing that the Raspberry Pi has an ARM Processor and not x86. I'm trying to find a export template for ARM processors. Other than that, work has been slow the past couple because my sleep schedule was screwed and now I'm waking up at some interesting times of the day (breakfast @ 9pm anyone?) Slowly getting back on track regardless of these setbacks though, streaks are tough now that things are a little chaotic.
I was woken up at 5 by really loud thunder, and I havenโ€™t been able to sleep since, so Iโ€™m just enjoying the sunrise and the lightning. Just a hunch, but I think Iโ€™m gonna have a great day today :). Enjoy my photos of lightning and the sunrise!
Well, it's finally the end of summer term :yay:, not bad for a day, only 2 projects, 2 quizzes and one exam in one day definitely not insane at all :facepalm:... well, guess it's time to find a comfy corner under my desk and try out the new game release that I have downloaded weeks ago :sadparrot: plus some music that starts with the line "I'm still alive but I'm barely breathing" www.youtube.com/watch?v=01J2e2fLvLM probably should go to sleep, been up all night :sleepingparrot:
Haven't touch HTML for a while, this is what I did so farย :fb-laugh:ย alright back to grinding endless LaTex and SystemVerilog... don't ask whyย :facepalm:ย and I gotta go to work at 8 tomorrow so... probably not getting any sleep tonightย :sadparrot:
Decided to not sleep til I can get octolapse working
Took a nap thinking I'll wake up and do my homework... But then it became 5 AM ๐Ÿ˜ถ so... back to sleep then :fb-laugh:
I sleep with style
I painted again, this time with gouache! This ~is~ was my dorm room view before coronatimes, F. After this I ate a mango ๐Ÿฅญ and now Iโ€™m going to try to watch a few lectures before I sleep
My dad's making me go to sleep early, so here's a picture of the croissant from yeterday