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i worked out how to gain access to the image feeds of major traffic cameras around the island and built a dashboard for snooping around looking at each one:….. these images are cool to watch over time, I might make something tomorrow for generating time-lapses from them :D source @ …. I used next.js, who would have guessed?
Hello. Sorry I had been distracted from the slack since months and couldnot thank hackclub for the hardware. I am thankful to @sampoder for accepting the project and then guided me to try different sites and tools but when nothing worked then @roshan was there to help me with the hardware I needed and spend long time figuring out things and thank for helping me with the shipment issues and at last @nasheeb.dangi for helping me with the Customs because I would have to pay lot more without you. Thankyou all guys!
Scrappy now supports webhooks! so when ever you post something it will send a blank fetch request to any url you set... you can set that url using /scrappy setwebhook <> I built a little demo app that adds my Scrapbook posts to my Github profile README (check out the image below) you can see it at and make your own with hope you all can automate cool things!!
here is the SOM project. thank you! @sampoder @roshan and the Hackclub team for the hardware :)
as couch camp drew to a close, and our scoring manager fell to sleep way too early.... we found ourselves with scores scattered across 22 separate JSON files.... oh dear making the closing slides would be a pain but i did not want for the not so techy people to go through any pain... so i stayed up very late last night and built that went through and linked together all the JSON files to output the critical results needed. it ended up saving hours for my friends today and i'm very happy about that. i'm quite proud of the hacky js stuff i wrote whilst half-ish asleep lol and then today i built on top of that system to make certificate websites for each scholar... it involved even more linking of JSON files, using square numbers to make it challenging for scholars to find others urls and a whole load of JS to make the award names. all together it looks like, people have to screenshot to save it which i guess is alright its all a big hack, here's the source code for: im so proud of this massive hack i continue to fall in love with Next.js
Seeing it in person is a completely different experience. I must say @ky200617 this has made my week, this is absolutely amazing. This is all so surreal, I am so grateful to be apart of this. Wow.
missed out on getting a fancy domain for your scrapbook? wish you had more custom domains? well your in luck today! i have create a quick and easy tool that creates a vercel project which acts as a proxy for your scrapbook profile allowing you to set a custom domain. so how to do it? 1. head to follow the steps provided. 2. once you’ve deployed the project you will see a screen saying Congratulations!, wait a couple of seconds and you’ll be redirected to the domains page. 3. Add the domain you’d like using Vercel’s built in instructions 4. Hoorah! You’ve done it! the setup for this wild midnight project is at: go crazy with your domains!
Hey everyone! Here's my SOM Project. It's a Self Stabilizing spoon for Parkinson's patients. Thank you Team Hack Club, especially @sampoder @annlee_fores and everyone else who helped me right fron selecting components to making it. I'm currently facing issues in programming the ATtiny85. I'll share the final product once I figure it out. Again, thanks one and all!!😄
Text on Big Sur Dark Mode is pretty cool. Also join #flex
was a pretty productive day if i would say so myself :uwu_face: made some final website mods (idk if i should ship it), printed out some textbooks 📚, wrapped all my new school books 🏫, played a new song on the piano 🎹 and did some OSF! here's my scrapbook (guess where i got the rotating images from :poderpalm:)
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