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current commie team! yeet
wish whatever you want, its a shooting star!
Hi there! :parachute: Long time no see Hack Club. A few life updates… I voted for the first time a few weeks ago, been teaching kids how to code, playing around w/ how to create Figma widgets/plugins and did something kinda wild today… I jumped out of an airplane with my mom! It was a surreal, exciting experience and reminds me how small we are in this vast universe and to continue to do something outside of my comfort zone. I am super grateful and would love to do something like this again!
I turned 17 today! I feel so old, but I’m so grateful for all of the years and experiences. I’m especially thankful that I get to be a part of a community like Hack Club; y’all are literally the best. Here are some of my old 😭 pictures. • Newborn, my fourth birthday, and my first tour of UAB’s campus
i have nothing interesting to say so here's a starbucks email that almost caused the collapse of reality as we know it
i was going to wait to test it with multiple users before shipping but THIS IS HACK CLUB, that is not necessary!!! i love #slotify but as an apple music user i hate feeling left out of all the cool tools people make that are spotify-only. so i decided to bravely battle the apple music api and build slotify for apple music! i shared a proof-of-concept in #scrapbook a few days ago that was hardcoded with my credentials, but now you can use it too if you are an apple music user :applemusic: just head over to and sign in with slack & apple music. use /music-status to toggle it on/off (it should be on by default after you authenticate though). if you run into any issues at any point, please let me know 🙏
Project made by one of my friends
We reached 50 stars!
yeow hit 15 stars during the all-hands call -- thank you all so much!!!
I learned how to make a text generator using TensorFlow, Python, and my writing as a dataset, and I got this weird mumbly jumbly stuff:
Received Winners Pin from MLH for winning MakeSPP hackathon 2020😍
:party-dinosaur: finished the admin dashboard for my CodeLabs project! my part is almost done, just got a lot of writing to do :parrotdad: 🚢 tried to ship out more hardware grants but every system in the world is against us right now :( :zizek: i had no clue what to do for today for my art so here's a Alpaca statue with my 5 alpacas (two of them are shy)
Had a pretty normal day—fixed some bugs, introduced some bugs, built a new feature for Scrapbook 👀, edited/sent our latest VIP newsletter. Finished the day making some incredible pizza 🍕 with my family & watching the Hamilton film, so I laughed a bunch & cried even more. Jam for today: America by Sufjan Stevens 🎶