0-day streak
Hello from NixOS! (now running on bare metal)
Playing around with NixOS in a VM. Trying to decide on the host OS for my new workstation.
Building a new workstation for a new year. This is my first time building a computer since I was 13.
Just added live #scrapbook updates to hack.af/holiday-radio. Thanks to @caleb for building this! Should be live now (this is the first test post).
Got my NAS setup on my new Fedora installation running KDE.
Published $ ssh <http://jobs.hackclub.com|jobs.hackclub.com> yesterday!
Bought my first car today
Finally got my driver’s license today!
Got Nix on Debian running within WSL2. Playing around with moving to Windows as my main OS with most work happening within WSL2 via Emacs shelling out to it.
Doing some reflection and plotting out the next few months, starting with centering Hack Club's goals and strategy.
Shipped the first version of /z today on #hack-night. Proud of this and have a lot of ideas to make it better.
My first technical ship in a while...
Helped cook dinner tonight. Chris's last day in Vermont. We planned out our schedule through October 1st to make sure we'll have a great work setup for the beginning of the school year. Feeling really quite good.
Night time walk with team. 2nd to last day of @cwalker in Vermont. Clubs planning. Donor call in the evening. Helping get Bank in order and supporting team. Lots to do, feels like so little time. How will we make this school year any good?
Sunday. Picked myself up. Laundry. Cleaned up bedroom and led effort to clean up the house. Some journaling, long discussion with @cwalker and @msw joined later. Looking forward for week again.
Day off. Worked a bit on my new side project’s architecture, hung back / relaxed, and grilled for dinner with everyone.
Writing code for the first time in a while on a new project. Team discussions to plan out clubs this school year. Bank. Leadership and inspiring leadership in others... hard.
Board meeting today. Since February: 2k average daily messages on Slack -&gt; 10k average daily, 1.3k Twitter followers -&gt; 12.3k. Hack Club Bank total transactions $1.36m -&gt; $1.89m ($534k increase). AMAs as a format started. Summer of Making. 100s of hardware grants sent, 1,000s of #scrapbook posts made. Photo is of everywhere Summer of Making stickers are going (127 countries). $610k in donations received from 8 new donors. Talked work schedule over next few weeks with team. Some light work on /z. @melody made awesome grilled chicken for dinner.
The List of Big Questions. Club Day. Year of the Rock. Hackers as the sedimentary layer of Hack Club. Ghosts. SWAT. Who is on the clubs team? Long day of discussions. Board meeting tomorrow.
Long day of discussions with team in Vermont. What will the next school year look like? Year of the Rock. Populating Hackerland. Slack as a tool. @cwalker joined us today in Vermont. @cp is joining team over summer to work with @michael.destefanis on Bank operations.
How do we expand the team to actually add more capacity? We sat down to start talking about the new school year today and there is just so much to do and not enough people or time.
We got AC!
Made pizzas and cake with the team for dinner tonight. For people who don’t use computers constantly, the concept of files is incredibly hard to grasp. Getting stuck in mindset of the app sandbox. Separately, insecurity and making things. Being questioned when you don’t want to be questioned. Showing off unconsciously. Family.
Did a little work on the June transparency report. Grilled with team for dinner. The story of Bank. Slack as a tool. Building cohesive team and an amazing work environment. Bounties.
Skipping stones. Dylan Field AMA today (thanks Dylan!). Slack as a tool.
Team is cooking dinner. Tonight we are talking about the new school year. What does a great year look like when few clubs can meet in person? Slack as a community, but also Slack as a tool.
Sometimes, all you need is a good teammate.
Moving day. Got settled at our new place for the next month. Had dinner at the one and only Dilly Wagon too!
Moving day, new home, new internet. What will the upcoming week hold?
Cooking enchiladas ☣️
Unbelievable sunset. The Hong Kong Security Law started being enforced today. What will next 10 years look like? Helping coordinate new feature for Scrappy. Big fundraising email got sent off.
@dinaelhanan started today. Bank is almost entirely caught up on ops due to the great work of @md and @chaleb, who is stepping up to help out with some stuff these next two weeks. Two fundraising / donor calls today too.
Bank ops. Hack Club running internationally. How do we network our way into The Omidyar Group? What does a 21st century institution look like? New place @msw and I are staying in Vermont for this week.
Back in Vermont with @msw. Moved into our new home for the next week. Had 2 convos on video call tonight with teammates: (1) how do we make sure ops for Bank will be in a good spot this week and (2) what could something look like that would get more actually good student nonprofits running?
The house with no internet. Hack Club Bank and the Legitimacy Trap. Cooking shrimp for dinner. Day 1 of in-person HQ being just @christina, @msw, and myself (everyone split from Vermont and nearly everyone will come back in-person by July 5th).
Long day of driving and moving people around at HQ today. Spent all morning packing. Everyone left Vermont and will be back on July 5th. Christina, Max, and I drove 5 hours to a place we’re staying at until Sunday (and we visited a potential place for everyone to stay over the summer). Had some great conversations with everyone on the drive.
Today at HQ in Vermont: @lachlanjc and @matthew shipped a ton of bug fixes and small improvements today (and @msw brought along a small surprise). 6 demos in today’s video...
Wrapping up weekend, had a call with a Bank event today that needed help because our operations fell short, and thinking about (1) action HQ needs to take on hackathon GitHub Grants and (2) how to coordinate physical logistics of moving the team around this week.
Unbelievable sunset tonight.
What does a Slack look like that’s a purely opt-in experience?
How do we make it a more fun experience to start up new channels? What if Orpheus archived channels that had no activity after 2 weeks to clear out the cruft?
Continuing my short video updates from HQ. Day off today, but had good conversations about the community. 1. How do we avoid the “legitimacy trap” and keep out psychopaths? 2. What does a Slack look like that’s a purely opt-in experience? How do we make it a more fun experience to start up new channels? 3. What if Orpheus archived channels that had no activity after 2 weeks to clear out the cruft? 4. What if Orpheus could create “breakout channels” like Zoom has breakout rooms?