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๐ŸŒŽ For the past two weeks Iโ€™ve been helping Watershed Climate make a new website, & weโ€™re live!! Watershed helps companies cut carbon, already including Square, Shopify, & sweetgreen. Weโ€™re on Bloomberg, Fast Company, & Business Insider too.
Thanks Google! LOL ~someone's already helping me out with the configuring~
pink cats for valentine's day on google colab? aw yiss
very cool google easter egg
Time to start working with Google Earth studio!
Learning about the basics of TensorFlow :tensorflow: to do machine learning! did you know that Google Colab has an easter egg where you can get corgis and kitties to walk across the top of the webpage? They also wear halloween costumes ๐ŸŽƒ and santa hats on Christmas ๐ŸŽ…
Google Drive be like (/s, i actually really like google drive)
I set up Google analytics today
Got sign in with google added to this project. Created more designs for the side project I am starting soon
recreating the Google search page :thonk:
Well, i make a project and it need a storage. Vercel doesn't have one, and i can't access aws because my github pack request haven't granted yet. So, i found out IBM Cloud offer the free one, and i try to learn to use it now. After dive their s3 docs in a hour, my back hurts ๐Ÿ˜ข . Well, my laptop is offline and here's the photo of IBM cloud logos on google image
Day 6 - Worked on some Google SEO for my website! SEO still confuses me slightly, since my page shows up as the first result on Edge but all the way on the third page of Google results. The whole concept is very new to me, so I'm learning through trial and error. I also finally got around to making a final commit of my completed (as of now) site - :github: My website is at - let me know if you have any suggestions for it! I'm hosting subdomains on it as well so that I can practice some other HTML concepts without wrecking the main page.
today was our last hack club meeting of 2020! we started our hack club when we went into quarantine with this crazy year and i am so glad we did! it's helped me grow as a leader and person and helped me learn so much. i am so excited to see what 2021 will look like for the world and for our club! for our last meeting,ย @matthewย gave me the amazing idea of doing a code in the dark where everyone had 15 minutes to recreate a website! we followed slightly different rules, i gave them 30 seconds to look at the website and then they had 15 minutes right after to start coding and i think everyone really enjoyed it! here are the final products: Round 1 -->ย inthedark.eoreizy.repl.coย @eoreizy the winner of this round wasย @eoreizy Round 2 -->ยย @eoreizy the winner of this round was neta + daniel (who are twins so they said they would share the prize) i am also going to be giving everyone hack club stickers as a holiday gift! overall, this was a super fun meeting and i'm really excited (and slightly terrified) for what 2021 will bring! here's a little gif that daniel sent after the meeting:
Got hardware from AVR-IoT WG Dev board combines ATmega4808 AVR MCU, ATECC608A CryptoAuthentication and ATWINC1510 WiFi network controller. Very easy to connect with Google cloud.
Can we get an F for google photos?
Hereโ€™s what my regular desk setup looks like. Since the development you can do on the iPad locally is extremely limited (you canโ€™t run Node, for example), Iโ€™m running all the code on a remote Linode server. I use the Blink Shell app to connect over Mosh, then code using Vim inside Tmux. External display support on iPad isnโ€™t that capable (most apps just mirror with pillarboxing), but it allows using a more ergonomic setup with a much larger display. The iPad is right below the display on a Compass Pro stand, so it can still do Face ID seamlessly, I can reach out & use the Apple Pencil or touch gestures when I want, but I mostly use Appleโ€™s Magic Trackpad since it has the best system integration & multi-finger multitasking gestures. The keyboard is a Kinesis ergonomic keyboard, connected over USB alongside the HDMI & charger plugged into Appleโ€™s USB-C adapter. For design work, I use Figma inside an iOS client called Figurative that gives support for local fonts. I also use Working Copy for editing Git repos locally (mostly writing documentation & workshops), alongside Secure Shellfish which adds my Linode box directly into the Files app. While Iโ€™m developing, I switch over to Inspect browser which gives basic, though certainly less capable than Safariโ€™s, web inspector with CSS control & JavaScript console. I also use an app called Shiftscreen for viewing files & certain web apps (Slack, Google Docs, etc) in full-screen on the external display. When Iโ€™m away from my desk, the same 1.4lb, 5.9mm, multi-touch, Apple Pencil-capable slab of glass with better battery life than any MacBook carries all the same apps. Itโ€™s my favorite computer ever :)
Site so far, with input boxes and a submit button, plus the data in the google form
The v cool @msw showed me how to connect my code to a Google form. Plus, I formatted it and it looks way nicer (tx @aditya1rawat)
Worked really hard with the other coleads to make this beauty for our first hs club meeting this Friday ๐Ÿ˜„ ๐Ÿ˜„
I made an apology letter to french teacher because I have used google translate for almost everything... and i wrote it in french
I was working on a project with relay module and Arduino. After soldering I found a problem in relay module. Sometimes it's freezing microcontroller and reset. It was really annoying. I faced same issue in many other projects. Today I decided to read the whole Google search results. Finally I found the solution from a forum. Later found the same in datasheet. Actually relay module is not completely isolated. we need to remove the jumper and connect external supply for complete isolation. This was written in its datasheet. But reading whole datasheet is a boring thing. But it includes many useful stuff. like developer documentation. anyway even if it's a small thing, it was great learning for me. Now I can work with relay without any fear. :hardware:
i devised a scavenger hunt for the entire school to participate! then the student council ran it :))) we even had a real treasure chest (thanks Sai and co for making it), and filled it with candy as an end goal! we had a whole qr code system to get hints which i built with next.js and stuff, i also made a safety plan to allow this madness to get approved by the school which i am quite proud that it happened :yay: oh it was also Think Pink day, the school was very very pink
Reading documentation is a huge task๐Ÿฅด After several Google search and Youtube search, realised that there is no video/blog/medium/hackster/instructables for me. At last I decided to read documentation. ๐Ÿค ๐Ÿค
Today I ran what I called the "The Great Race Across Singapore" with my Student Council friends as a team building activity! How it worked that there were teams placed in secret locations and they had to go through a series of challenges to reach the "final location" on the other side of the island which was the Merlion in Marina Bay but they didn't know that. Here's how it worked: Each team had 4 council members and one council leader. The council members were each given a store number that they had to go to in he Yishun Mall. Then the council leaders were all separated from their team together at Yishun Station. To come together they need to communicate through their location with only emoji. Then once they have met, they receive a cryptic message: My name is TRY***PA, call me maybe? . When they type this word into their phone, it will call me. I then read out the following message: 1ยฐ21'53.2"N 103ยฐ50'27.8"E, but bigger. If you head to 1ยฐ21'53.2"N 103ยฐ50'27.8"E, you will yourself in a random carpark in Ang Mo Kio (Singaporean outskirt-ish suburb, very residential). But what is special about this random carpark, is that it is the site of a small Merlion statue pictured below (where you wouldn't really expect one, they're rare). And remember we wanted "bigger". So they now have to travel down to the main Merlion statue in Marina Bay racing against each other. On the way they had some fun tasks as well such as taking selfies, learning more about each other! First one there wins the race!!!! It went pretty well on the delay and despite some early hiccups the Academics Department team put their minds to it and won the race! How the completely skipped going into AMK by just use Google Street View ๐Ÿคฃ Diego got a big brain!! Here's a photo of the winning team and that infamous mini merlion as well some screenshots from Sherlock Holmes my alt account on Slack plus a make do TikTok that me and Anjali (VP) made coz neither of us have TikTok lol really nice to have some fun!
One small project I've been working on is an open-source file dashboard for Google Cloud Storage, as part of a tutorial on how to set up a personal CDN + file management dashboard with Google Cloud Platform.
This is my first scrapbook post! I started Google AI's ML crash course today.
I accidentally found out that you can get results from websites through the google search bar
When you build an account based website but decide to put the verification email system with a SMTP gmail server to cut the budget. Then your friend, who helps manage the site, try's to sign into the email, but google says no and turns off access to less secure apps. Then your verification email system breaks.
I'm gonna try to get @scrappy to react with as many emojis as possible, for no particular reason. When we arrived in space, there were shouts of "yay!" and "hooray!" I wanted to sleep, but the sunset was much too captivating. As I struggled to paint a representation of the masterpiece, my art was cut short by a reminder of our predicament. Our ship's Linux core had been damaged by a rain storm. Upon further inspection, is appeared as though the Rust installation on our ship's robot had been corrupted. We debated which language to replace it with; "Golang!" Matt said. "Swift!" Linus shouted. "Deno!" "JavaScript!" We decided on rewriting the robot's code using minecraft redstone (that way we didn't have to use npm). 15 years later, once we finished, we pushed to the GitHub repository. But wait! The robot's hardware was also severely crippled. We had to 3d print some parts, after getting the models from Google.
Today has been great so far :parrot:... been working today to get our docs contactless using Google Forms :rainbow_puke: still forgot to call the SSA but I emailed them so there's that ๐Ÿ˜ถ... throw some stuff to @winston and reduced my workload ๐Ÿ˜œ been working on ISA for the team ๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐Ÿ’ป... perhaps too long :sleepingparrot:... need a nap ๐Ÿคฃ still have no idea whats going on but well :thonk:... I'll figure it out eventually... :fb-laugh:
Filled out leap form, surfed some waves ๐ŸŒŠ , talked a lot w @anthonykung for a personal project, watched the bucks lose to the heats ๐Ÿ˜ข , had much less time since school goes till like 3:40 pm for me and i donโ€™t wanna sleep 2 late cuz school starts 7:55, going to test and create new code, learning tons of cool stuff whether thats from hack club peers or on google lmao. (I may have also texted in class but I asked @matthew and he told me that it actually makes me a better student so :flushed_russian: ) hehe
Still spending the week building websites in HTML. Today, I played around with HMTL color picker and Google fonts, as well as padding and line height in the CSS
Kayley's website update, I realized that I mainly want three pages on my website: homepage, project, and failure resume. I spent yesterday night compiling my "failures" on a google document. It felt really nice looking back at my failures, and seeing more and more over the past couple of years, because I actually started stepping out of my comfort zone more and more. Well, here's a screenshot, enjoy!
First post in long time. Why? BIG PROJECT RELEASE Let me tell you a bit about it: Raspblet v2, improved version of my earlier version 7inch touchscreen 8mp front facing camera 2 USB ports Built in Mic and mono speaker Portable design, lightweight at less than a pound Bluetooth and WiFi enabled 1.4GHz clock with 512mb RAM Ability to connect with Google Assistant over SSH Battery being added tomorrow or so, need to rig a USB cable.
i added google analytics to my site and the data is saddening ๐Ÿ˜ฟ but at least there's space invaders
I LITERALLY caNNOT wait to go to the beach. like, its SOOOOO HOT โ™จ๏ธ , HUMID, and iCkY. ๐Ÿ˜“ happy that staff r slowly coming back, saw @matthew at hack night and @tmb back in #lounge ! Its rlly akward since my school starts august 31 so uhhhh everyones more busy and at school and iโ€™m just here ยฏ\(ใƒ„)/ยฏ 2/3 way done w a website, connected google analytics w the website, and setup settings on me new phone lol
yeee setting up oauth consent :google: (lol ik its not a big deal but for some reason it feels so cool having it redirect like legit webapps)
Finally my T-shirt from google code in 2019 arrived yay
slowly getting back into things which is good! i got a lot done so thatโ€™s v nice but i donโ€™t rlly have a pic so hereโ€™s a random zoom meeting pic from google
I went on the hunt for a new app for taking notes today. I tried Atom, which obviously isnโ€™t meant for that type of thing, but I did find a neat package that gives a visual representation (pictured below). Then I found Miro which is somewhat along the lines, but seems to be more for teams. Iโ€™m mostly looking for what Pages / word / google docs offers, but without constraints of physical pages (headers, page separation, line breaks not dynamic to screen size, etc), and a way to collapse subcategories. Also any visual representations are cool. Any recommendations?
My google knowledgegraph
Some new sprites for the game Iโ€™m developing. In addition to that, I embedded a google form to the game so people can give feedback now.
yeeYeE my business got 120 views on Google last week ๐Ÿ‘๏ธ))
earlier today I cleaned and moved up this bookcase that was stored in my basement, discovered some mildly embarrassing but interesting google docs i made circa 2015-2017, and paired with a coworker on writing some yummy marketing copy